New Dishes

This is probably the height of old lady and likely marks a turning point towards settling down, but yes, I am posting an update about my new dishes.


Thanks to Pinterest, I have become obsessed with building a collection of vintage colored glass dishes. I came up with this idea to remedy our lack of cabinet doors.


This is a little pinterest inspiration of what I’m aiming for. I have some collecting and purging to do but until then this is my start.


Again I fully recognize the nature of this post. I claim it. I own it. As I move into nesting and baby fever, you may see more posts of the like.


Thought I’d pop in to update on the goings on around here. I’m still studying communications and while I find it fascinating most of the time, I grow increasingly frustrated with academic writing. -5 this photo is from a family comm text. All the symbols are indicative of some sort of subtle non-verbal cue. There is a legend attached. We can welcome the college book industry to this century where this conversation could have been accompanied with a  video so we don’t need to decipher these dots and lines.

-1In other news, I did continue to work on the musical project I started with Recursive Delete studios. Pictured is studio bassist Mike Larson

-2I had the honor of spending a morning on set with Nathan Wilson of Nsite pictures.

-3Continued to perfect some of my recipes in an effort to cook and eat at home more.

-4And I found a good dark hair dye that doesn’t seem to make a huge mess. That’s is about it.

Mis Historias

Being in school full time and working also has left me far behind in my project runway queue but I somehow manage to discover a new story! If you have access to comemdy central, check out Broad City.

Woo Hoo! These girls went from youtube web series to comedy central recently. This may be my new favorite show.


Read more here at papermag.




Oregon Is Very Pretty

Sorry it has been so  long since I have updated. I have been quite busy with school. Without complaining too much about my university experience, I will say that I welcomed a coffee break between academic journal readings. To my surprise went to coffee in hood river.


We drove through the gorge and I am always so happy to do so. No matter how many times I drive through this area, I am full of joy. I consider all the wonderful places I have had the opportunity to experience. As I ponder, I decide that, for me, Oregon’s beauty is easily equal if not completely superior to much of the other places I have seen. This image hardly does it justice.

1560673_10201519086435036_1555310673_n Even simple city parks can rival imagery from a Tolkien  or a CS Lewis book and lately, the fog is so thick each morning feels as if I were walking into Narnia. I love Oregon. Love it!