An Artist’s Day Dream: SCRAP

Walking down MILK I happened upon this place. I actually remember first hearing about SCRAP in San Mateo at the MAKE craft fair. A day which demands an entire blog post devoted to it. So, no more digressions. ThisĀ  one is about scrap. Basically a retail outlet for folks to purchase exactly what you might think;scraps. So I signed up to be a volunteer! My orientation is next Weds. My regular shifts start in July.



So what might one want with a grocery bag full of used wine corks? Well, Anthropologie has some fantastic merchandising ideas to re-use old materials. Click that link to spot some awesome used wine cork instalations.



This is a sculpture comprised of used plastic pop bottle lids.

t-shirt necklace

t-shirt necklace

I first spotted this awesome shredded t-shirt necklace trend on cool hunting. It may the next thing since rooster feather earring/hair extensions!

file folders

file folders

My dad would freak out! Do you know how expensive hanging file folders can get? attention office managers, come to SCRAP!

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